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The Samoan Connection

The Samoan Connection

by SAINTDK10 on APRIL 5, 2010


Manumalo Jake Muasau, the 6-1, 243-pound Samoan, sports a long, Troy Polamalu-like hair. He has fiery red tattoos running the length of his bulky left arm. But to Tuugalue Louie Muasau, Jake is just his little baby brother, and the journey of the two brothers of Samoan descent to Georgia State is perhaps as unlikely of a story as there is in college sports today.

Born in Tacoma, Wash., to a family of Samoan immigrants, Jake and Louie’s life has been far from ordinary, or easy. Their parents came to the U.S. in search of a better life – a goal that has eluded them for much of their lives. The Muasau brothers would spend early part of their childhood in Los Angeles, where they endured struggles very few can relate to.

“We were very poor growing up,” said Louie. “It was hard not knowing where you next meal is going to come from sometimes. There were also times when we were homeless. It was definitely not easy.”

Throughout their childhood, there were three things in the life of the Muasau brothers that provided refuge from their daily hardships: faith, family and football.

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