Sunday, November 11, 2012

Morning tipoff: Coverboy Siva

Posted on November 7, 2012 by C. L. Brown

Peyton Siva is on a regional cover of regional Sports Illustrated (out on newsstands today) for their college basketball preview section.

Oddly enough as this team moves forward I think Siva will fade to the background. I don’t expect his play to fall off, quite the opposite. I think he’s bound to be so consistent that his play is taken for granted.

“Peyton’s really, really developed into a great point guard,” coach Rick Pitino said. “Now he’s always pivoting in the lane rather than just leaving his feet and throwing it away. He’s always dribbling it back out and looking for another hole.”

Basically, all the things we saw Siva do in the 2012 Big East Tournament, for which he was Most Outstanding Player, and the run to the Final Four.

The Siva who stumbled through the start of last season? Pitino believes that version of Siva is a distant memory:

“Everything that we put into it for four years has come to the forefront right now, he’s a tremendous point guard. If there’s a better point guard in America than him, I want to see it. And I won’t say it’s been that way the past three years, it hasn’t been. He showed strong glimpses of it in the tournament last year. But he’s really playing great basketball right now.”

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