Monday, January 31, 2011

On Super Bowl Squads, Hair There and Everywhere

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Super Bowl XLV may or may not be the best, gaudiest, highest-scoring, most-watched or most-concussive Super Bowl in history. But one superlative will almost certainly apply: It's going to be the hairiest.
An era of increasing hirsuteness in the National Football League will reach its apex next Sunday, when two of the most celebrated - and least-shorn - teams in league history, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, meet at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex. If the NFL had any understanding of the zeitgeist, it would get Fabio to sing the national anthem.
These are two teams that excel at mane-to-mane defense. On one side of the field: the Steelers, led by their wild, crinkly-haired safety (and Head and Shoulders pitchman) Troy Polamalu. If you need to look up the spelling of his last name, it's because it is rarely visible on the back of his jersey, covered up by silky strands of his famed (and famously insured, for $1 million) locks.
On Polamalu's flank will be Pro Bowl defensive end Brett Keisel, sporting an epic beard so voluminous and untamed, it has its own Facebook page.

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