Monday, May 7, 2012

Team Samoa head trainer mourns death of Junior Seau

Team Samoa head trainer Richard Brown is mourning the death of fellow team mate, Junior Seau, Samoan former star linebacker who played 13 of his 20 NFL seasons with the San Diego Chargers. PRBC Chairman Edwin Puni said, “As soon as I heard the news about Seau, I called Richard in Samoa..”

Mr. Brown, who made the transition from former professional NFL player to being conditioning and fitness trainer for Manu Samoa then Toa Samoa, is currently head trainer for Team Samoa.

Mr. Puni said, “When I finally spoke with Mr. Brown, he was deeply affected and wished he could have done something to reach out to Seau. He told me that he spoke with Seau’s brother some time back and told him to tell Junior to come spend some time in Samoa.”

In their phone conversation Mr. Brown said, “As professional NFL players, you take a lot of hits on the field; then there’s post career depression that can hit you any time. Returning to Samoa with my family and staying active with sports development like boxing has been a blessing and good distraction for me.”

Richard Brown who played linebacker for 9 seasons took his versatility from the Los Angeles Rams to the San Diego charges in 1990 with Junior Seau as first round draft choice.

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