Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guard Peyton Siva’s summer plans are simple:

1. Get enough rest so that the ankle he sprained back in November finally can fully heal.

2. Shoot a lot of jumpers. Lots and lots of jumpers.

Cardinals coach Rick Pitino said toward the end of the season that the coaches had tweaked Siva’s shot. Pitino said the main adjustment they made was correcting the junior’s tendency to fade away instead of jumping straight up on his shot. The result helped him shoot 42.8 percent (6 of 14) from 3-point range in the postseason after making just 20 percent (11 of 55) during the regular season.

Siva, however, said the change was more psychological than physical.

“(Pitino) just told me to stay balanced, stop thinking about it and just keep confidence staying with my same shot,” he said. “I didn’t change it at all, just keep my same routine. That’s all I’ve been doing — just playing in open gym, just working on it.”

Siva said the left ankle he injured Nov. 14 still swells up after he plays, but it’s improving.

“It was a longer ankle sprain than a lot of people thought,” he said. “It was probably like an 8-10-week (injury), and I came back after the first week. I didn’t want to sit out that long; I didn’t want to do that to my teammates. It’s getting healthier now, and I’m just now starting to get back to jumping off of one foot.”

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