Thursday, May 10, 2012

Steelers' Alameda Ta'amu Fought Weight Problems At Beginning Of Colleg

Steelers' Alameda Ta'amu Fought Weight Problems At Beginning Of College

by Charlie Wilmoth • May 8, 2012 4:00 PM EDT

A couple of reactions to this article about Steelers nose tackle and recent fourth-round draft pick Alameda Ta'amu:

1. Look at those forearms. Wow.

2. The key portion of this article is what happened to Ta'amu when he was injured before his freshman year of college:

"After the season, he started to eat and didn’t work out much and he just ballooned up," said Mark Haley, Ta’amu’s high school coach. "He kind of couldn’t do a whole lot, so he just sat around and ate."

When Ta’amu arrived for the first day of training camp at Washington, he stepped on a scale for the first time in months.

"The scale kept going up, so I hopped off and said: ‘Hold on, hold on, man,’ " Ta’amu said. "I went into college thinking I was 330 or 340."

The Steelers aren't concerned about his weight, since they'll have a nutrition plan, and Ta'amu will be working out with them regularly. Let's hope, however, that his self-discipline has improved since a few years ago. The fact that he didn't even use a scale for months while he was sitting at home with an injury certainly is odd.

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