Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Star athlete wins volleyball scholarship in Texas

One of American Samoa’s finest female athletes has won a volleyball scholarship at a Western Texas College in the US.

Fetuao Fa’asavalu attended Tafuna High School where she was one of the school’s top athletes.

She captained her school team as well as co-captained the American Samoa Girls Volleyball All Star team that faced California and Hawaii in the Samoa Bowl VII.

“I feel very excited for this blessed opportunity that God has given me,” Fetuao says.

“I feel that I have a very bright future ahead of me not only for myself, but for my family.”

Fetuao told Samoa News of how she began playing from a young age.

“I started very young playing volleyball with my siblings, but as I grew up, I kept going at it, and I never stopped playing,” she says.

“Now that I am at where I am at, my number one tenet to live by is practice makes perfect.”

Her father, Evangelist Luaao Soli of Nu’uuli is very proud of his daughter’s achievement.

“Fetuao’s talent was nurtured from the beginning at a very young age. We are very proud of her.

“My job is to push our youth to join in sporting events, and keep themselves busy doing something, preventing them from hanging out around the village like majority of the young generation that we see all over the place.”

Coached by her brother, Fetuao has advice to share with other young female athletes.

“Just be patient, have a humble heart, and play hard when you get the chance. And always remember, practice makes perfect.”

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