Thursday, April 19, 2012

Washington Redskins’ Roy Helu getting hang of the game – NFL News

Washington Redskins’ running back, Roy Helu, has only played one National Football League (NFL) season and after finishing his rookie year, he thinks that he is understating the league methods pretty well.

He is participating in the team’s offseason workout programme and thinks that last season really helped him develop the sense of the game.

Helu said:

“After going through a season, you have a mental picture of what it takes, and what your coach wants through the season. This is new to me right now, but coming back better requires an emphasis on execution and how our coaches want us to play.”

Helu was selected by the Redskins in the last NFL drafts. In his rookie year, he started five games while playing 15 in which he recorded 640 yards on 151 attempts and scored two touchdowns.

His performance was satisfactory, but he could not improve his record further owing to a leg injury that prevented him from starting more games.

During the offseason, he is aiming to strengthen his legs so he could get more starts in the next season. He commented:

“It was a process, but patience, perseverance, and just peace helped me get through it. I didn’t have to push it to get better, and I feel like I’m back to where I need to be to start.”

Meanwhile, Redskins’ linebacker, London Fletcher, who has recently received a new contract from the team after he became a free agent and explored different options in the open market, is expected to play a crucial role in the team’s development in the next season.

Redskins finished the last season after winning only five games and they were placed at the bottom of the National Football League (NFL) East Division. They have got a second overall pick in the upcoming drafts and they are expected to select a quarterback.

Apart from grooming the young talent and hiring new prospects through the drafts, the management thinks that the role of senior players like Fletcher will be vital in the team’s success.

Fletcher, 36, played his last five seasons with the Redskins and is well aware of his team’s condition. With so many activities in the offseason, Redskins are expected to come out strong in the next season and display a relatively better game-play.

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