Monday, April 30, 2012

Mariota recaps terrific spring game

Marcus Mariota’s amazing performance was likely the most notable performance in this year’s Spring Game.

Although it was just one scrimmage for Mariota, he was clearly happy with his performance and excited about getting the win. “It was a great time for me. Especially to go against guys you go against every day. It’s fun to earn those bragging rights in the locker room. All and all it was a really great experience.”

Mariota showed that he is a humble leader by thanking his teammates and talking about the team. “I felt we all improved every week.” He continued by saying “These guys around me, they elevated me, because they knew I could do it… I just really got the ball to those guys. It was a good confidence booster and I’m just looking forward to the season.”

Given that he hasn’t played in front of a crowd this big in his life, his success was definitely a good sign of his ability to perform under pressure. “My dad always said, ‘nerves aren’t too bad, you’re human’ nerves are just what happens.” Mariota said, explaining how he deals with pressure “to control that was a little difficult for me, just because I didn’t expect so many people out there. It was fun and I just have to continue to keep getting better.”

Mariota also mentioned his teammates when describing how he approached the competition. “For me, any time to get a competition is a big factor. I just wanted to come out and play my best and get the ball out to guys like Tacoi, Rahsaan and DeAnthony. Just to give them a chance to show what they can do. I felt that they did a good job, the offensive line held up, and the score was representative of that.”

Mariota was also asked about his electric long touchdown run, and how it happened. “It was very instinctive. I just pulled it and my instincts took over… I couldn’t explain it.” He said, as he tried to explain the run. “They did a good job blocking, Tacoi was out there running right behind me. I can’t really explain it, I just did it instinctively”

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