Saturday, April 28, 2012

Loni Fangupo, DT, BYU signs with the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent


Fangupo is a lane clogger, and although his play can seem uninspired at times, he actually is very effective in this role and should look to do the same for a 3-4 scheme at the next level. A transfer to BYU by way of USC and Mount San Antonio Community College, Fangupo is an older player who never got a strong chance to establish himself with any team at the collegiate level. He could be a late-riser, as he is said to have serious strength for the position. Look for a team with a scheme in which Fangupo would fit to select him in the late rounds.

Fangupo does not display proper footwork and has limited athletic ability, but his strength is evident, as it looks like he is able to occupy two blockers with absolute ease at times. Strength is his whole game and will define his value and effectiveness at the next level.

Fangupo is an extremely slow mover. He doesn't even show poor footwork; he shows no footwork. He is reliable only to come off the ball slowly and hold up blockers, and his size, body type and injury history don't indicate that he will get better here.

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