Monday, August 20, 2012

Wally Rank

Personal Life:

Wally Rank (born March 01, 1958, Ford Ord, California) is a former professional NBA Basketball player and is married to Erin Garrity Rank. He was the founder of Youth Outreach United (Y.O.U), which sponsored the South Pacific Games in Carson, California for many years.

For 15 years, Rank worked for the Los Angeles County Office of Education from 1991-2006, and is currently the CEO of Top Rank Properties, Seal Beach, California. He is associated with groups such as – Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, National Pacific Islander Education Network and California Association of Realtors.


A 6’6″ guard-forward, Rank played college basketball for San José State University from 1977 to 1980. He scored 1,432 points in his college career and set a school record for points in a game when he tallied 40 against California State University, Sacramento on January 3, 1980.

Professional Career:

Rank was drafted by the San Diego Clippers in the 5th Round and 99th overall of the 1980 NBA Draft. He played 25 games for the San Diego (now known as Los Angeles) Clippers during the 1980-1981 NBA season, scoring 55 points. In that year, he played alongside Joe ‘Jelly-Bean’ Bryant (L.A Laker – Kobe Bryant’s father), before spending a short period with the L.A Lakers, and then to Sacramora Rimini in Italy.

Rank later played for the Western Samoa National Basketball team at the 1993 Oceania Championship.

Highlights and Awards:
First Samoan and and Pacific Islander to play in the NBA
Still maintains several records for college basketball at San José State University
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  1. You should really source your information to the people who actually did the research and put it together. This biography, among many others you have posted on here came from I know this, because I visit there daily! The least you could do was source their website. As a researcher myself, it takes a lot of work to do all this, only for people like yourself, to lift it and not source the ORIGINAL biography it came from! What's worse, is that you still kept the original format from Samoan Bios website, which is the same for profiles like Mike Fetters etc. Simply rude!