Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marvin Lewis Says Bengals Won't Bench LB Rey Maualuga

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The Bengals will consider making personnel changes during their bye week but a move at middle linebacker won’t be on the table.

Head coach Marvin Lewis said as much during his Monday news conference before defending Rey Maualuga’s performance at the position.

“To the layman who’s sitting there watching, or whoever is being critical of Rey, they’re probably being overly critical,” Lewis said. “Nobody’s going to tell me more about playing linebacker than what I know. There’s a lot of good things he’s doing. Do we want him to play better and be the best linebacker in the National Football League. And we’ll keep coaching him to be that.”

Maualuga was in for all 73 plays on defense in Sunday’s loss against the Steelers and was credited with eight tackles and one quarterback hit. Lewis said Maualuga has played better in recent weeks than he did Sunday and noted others around the linebacker need to play with more consistency.

“Some of it, it looks like he’s not playing as well because other people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing and he’s actually doing what he is (supposed to be) doing most of the time,” Lewis said. “Unfortunately, the last run of the game he decides he’s going to be Superman and get out of his responsibility.”

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