Sunday, July 15, 2012

Troy Polamalu wins appeal on $10K mobile phone fine

Way in October, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was penalized $10,000 for speaking on his mobile phone throughout a game title. Polamalu was on the telephone together with his wife, declaring that was OK health-smart, and that's why Steelers coach Mike Tomlin thought the security should not be penalized.

The National football league did not care, and penalized Polamalu anyway. But happy news today as Jason LaCanfora from the National football league Network reviews that Polamalu won his benefit of the fine and was informed of his win through the league on Thursday.

Based on league rules, using electronics around the sideline (or, within the bench area, should you prefer) is against the law as much as 1 hour 30 minutes before games before the finish of game. (It's why gamers can't tweet throughout games either.)

Clearly Polamalu's communication together with his wife was dependent on notifying her he was physically safe therefore the league is supplying the best towards the rule here. There's some argument that permitting this kind of exception could create a simple excuse for gamers who wish to use electronics around the sideline.

A couple of issues with that logic: there needs to be some concern for the sake of someone who really wants to use electronics for your excuse to use. Polamalu was penalized anyway, therefore the player under consideration may likely need proof that the emergency contact/immediate member of the family was known as/texted/tweeted. And lastly, the benefit of utilizing a mobile phone around the sidelines is fairly minimal.

Everything being stated, the league could be wise to create something similar to this prior to the competition committee within the offseason and see wherein a team by having an hurt player can offer a reminder to family people who aren't at the overall game and can be worried about the healthiness of the gamer under consideration.

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